2021 Toyota Camry is worth a look near Greenville PA

2021 Toyota Camry is worth a look near Greenville PA

Drive Taylor – 2021 Toyota Camry is worth a look near Greenville PA


Among the many exciting new features of the Toyota Camry is the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control system. Most everyone is familiar with traditional cruise control, where you can set a specific speed for the vehicle to target and maintain a consistent pace. However, some fantastic innovations have taken the cruise control concept to the next level.

Dynamic Radar Cruise Control also allows you to set a specific target speed and does so much more for the driver. With a camera and radar system, the technology can detect a vehicle in front of your Camry and automatically adjust the speed for you. The Dynamic Radar Cruise Control will maintain a safe distance from the car in front without any additional input from the driver.

This new technology provides welcome relief to tired drivers who want to avoid constantly fiddling with the cruise control system. Not only will the Dynamic Radar Cruise Control system slow the Camry down based on the car in front, but it can also stop and increase speed, all while maintaining a suitable space between cars.

Toyota understands that long commutes and road trips can cause excessive driver fatigue. With this in mind, Toyota engineers have designed a system that will support drivers and allow them to focus on the road instead of their cruise control settings. Many car enthusiasts are looking forward to what Toyota will introduce next to improve the driving experience. We are serving Hermitage, Hubbard Ohio, New Castle, and Greenville Pennsylvania.


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May 27, 2021
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