2020 Toyota Tundra vs 2020 Ford F-150 near Pittsburgh PA

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2020 Toyota Tundra vs 2020 Ford F-150 near Pittsburgh PA

Vehicle Overview

From the outset of our 2020 Toyota Tundra vs 2020 Ford F-150 comparison, Drive Taylor wants to make it clear that competing against the F-150 is like competing against a God in the pickup truck universe. As the bestselling pickup for over 4 decades, you can’t help but always respect what the F-150 has to offer. Respect and actually earning your title are two different things, though, and we fully believe that the 2020 Toyota Tundra is more than ready to take the championship trophy from the 2020 Ford F-150. Our review here is serving servin Boardman Lancaster Hermitage customers with a close-up look at both trucks so that you can decide for yourself which one of these bad boys is your next pickup.

Pittsburgh PA - 2020 Toyota Tundra's Overview

Powertrain – 2020 Toyota Tundra

You can’t compare trucks without at least glancing at the powertrain options. The F-150 has plenty of options, but where it falls short is in its disappointing base model and lower trim powertrains. If you’re shopping on a budget, you’re going to have any avenue to power cut off to you on the F-150’s lower trims. Its 250 horsepower base model engine is probably the disappointment of the year for frugal truck shoppers. If you want a strong powertrain out of the gates and all the way through, the 2020 Toyota Tundra is the pick of the year. Its 381 horsepower, 401 lb-ft of torque single engine is probably the pick of a lifetime for any power hungry truck owner. Not only do you get a maximum horsepower here right out of the gates, but it’s so much cheaper and better than anything the F-150 throws at you to introduce itself. Drive Taylor strongly recommends the Tundra on its base model powertrain and strong torque from the beginning model on. It has a tow rating of over 10,000 pounds and sports a 38-gallon fuel tank for those of you out there who like to fill up and forget it.

Pittsburgh PA - 2020 Toyota Tundra's Exterior

Elegance – 2020 Toyota Tundra near Pittsburgh PA

The F-150 is a muscular, strong truck, and its brawny lines show that. If you want an elegant, off-road oriented pickup truck, the Tundra is your answer. Both of these trucks are designed based on their personalities. Your F-150 is more of a work truck, but the Tundra is designed for both work and play. A good example of this is on your Tundra’s TRD Pro trim. It has forged-aluminum BBS wheels that don’t just look amazing but also improve your off-road performance. TRD-tuned fox suspension might not be visible to the naked eye, but you can feel it working in the truck’s graceful rhythm on the road. A tune dual exhaust IS visible and sports black chrome exhaust tips. On the interior, you get leather-trimmed seating with the TRD Pro badge. And the TRD Pro isn’t the only trim that gets the full exterior and interior workup. We can’t think of a single F-150 trim that really captures the spirit of its brand name like the Tundra does with its TRD series. It’s pure elegance.

Pittsburgh PA - 2020 Toyota Tundra's Interior

Safety – Tundra specs near Pittsburgh

Whether you’re working hard or playing hard, you need the confidence you get from today’s most advanced safety features, and you want to get those features at an excellent price. Toyota’s safety suite does more to keep you safe and save you money by serving servin Boardman Lancaster Hermitage drivers with more standard safety features. The Lane Watch System, pedestrian detection, and automatic emergency braking that come standard on the Tundra are tacked onto Ford’s neverending request for more money for their features. We don’t like any automaker charging more money than they need to for things like safety, something that should be standard. The Tundra’s hardcore safety features give you and your family or work friends peace of mind with standard features like collision mitigation, pedestrian detection, and lane watch systems that keep a watchful eye on your Tundra’s position at all times.

Pittsburgh PA - 2020 Toyota Tundra's Mechanical

Winner – 2020 Toyota Tundra

The 2020 Tundra races into the competition this year as a rightful underdog. The F-150 is definitely one of the greatest pickup trucks in history, and to even be mentioned in the same breath as it is an honor. This year, the honors all belong to the Toyota Tundra, though, as it outpaces the F-150 in many critical areas and finally claims its rightful place at the top of the truck world. From its leather-trimmed seating, to its Rigid Industries Fog lights, to its playful and work-oriented colors, the Tundra is a heck of a truck. We hope you’ll consider buying it this year.

Test Drive Today – 2020 Toyota Tundra dealer

We thank you for learning more about the Toyota Tundra in our 2020 Toyota Tundra vs 2020 Ford F-150 review. Have you made up your mind that the Tundra must be yours today? Well, don’t wait! Write, call, or stop by today and get your very own trim of Tundra. There’s plenty to choose from, and they’re all available here, ready to serve you.

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